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Posted by taxguru on January 9, 2013

From Argus Hamilton:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi disclosed Sunday that more tax hikes are being considered to increase federal tax revenue. Many Democrats want a surtax on Wall Street bonuses. This is the kind of punitive tax that could drive our best people out of fraud.


NFL teams fired seven head coaches on the first day after the regular season, known as Black Monday. A lot of men have lost their million-dollar salaries. The owners broke the news to the coaches by saying you’re not losing a job, you’re gaining a tax break.


Congress ignored spending cuts Tuesday and agreed to raise taxes on the rich and to raise payroll taxes on workers. Who says the system doesn’t work? See what happens when the two parties can set aside their principles and do what’s best for them personally.


John Boehner said he is finished dealing with Obama after his re-election as Speaker Thursday. It wasn’t easy. The House he runs has the power to appropriate money and declare war, but a president has TV coverage, and that has sunk the checks and balances system.


Forbes quoted a survey Thursday saying that whenever young kids lose a baby tooth they are now receiving an average of forty cents less from the tooth fairy. You can’t make it up. The economy is so terrible that even make-believe-people are feeling the pinch.


Vanity Fair’s poll said the number-one reason couples fight is over what to watch on TV. A second TV costs two hundred dollars and a divorce attorney costs two hundred an hour. No wonder the trial lawyers oppose the teaching of math in our schools.


President Obama signed his tax increase into law by auto-pen from Hawaii Thursday, the same day the Justice Department dropped its suit against Google. Of course they did. Why would Democrats sue a high-tech company that allows them to raise taxes from Oahu?



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