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Archive for January 21st, 2013

Posted by taxguru on January 21, 2013


Teed off: Golf star Phil Mickelson may bolt California over taxes – He’s late to the game.  Most professional golfers, as well as many other pro athletes, live in Florida for the freedom from State income taxes.  Of course, they still often have to pay some income taxes to taxable States in which they earn money; but it works out to be much less than if they had a taxable state as their Tax Home.


Golfer Phil Mickelson Is Not Alone In Fleeing Taxes –  From Forbes


Republican governors’ plans for no state income tax lauded, criticized –  They sound good to anyone who believes in encouraging economic growth.


Experts: Smaller checks may lead to spending in-Security – Not exactly earth shattering news here.  It doesn’t exactly take an “expert” to figure this one out. Less money in consumers’ hands results in less spending by them.  What could be more obvious than that?


Mark Steyn And The Odd News Reported From America – Very funny look at the  insane ways in which our rulers deal with the ever-expanding national debt, including the ridiculous notion of minting a Trillion Dollar coin.  


USA Inc.’s balance sheet: Assets $2.7 trillion, Liabilities $18.8 trillion – In the real world, this would indicate bankruptcy; but since DC is in a parallel universe where conventional calculations don’t exist, it’s no big deal.


California man empties grandkids’ piggy banks to pay his $14,000 property tax bill in CHANGE – Feeling the pain of the tax.


Obama’s Social Security Games Make Case For Private Pensions – Of course, the vultures in power in DC can’t help drooling over the idea of seizing the money in private pensions.


Sin Tax Wars! 60.9% of all smokes in NY go untaxed – Anyone with half a brain (ruling out the rulers in Albany) could have predicted that high taxes would create a booming market in cigarette smuggling across state lines


Liberal tax leaves bitter taste in some smoothie drinkers’ mouths – Making libs pay more for things sounds like a fair move.



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