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Archive for February, 2013

NewsBusted Tax Jokes

Posted by taxguru on February 26, 2013

Today’s episode has several great jokes, as in this excerpt.



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Posted by taxguru on February 26, 2013

Ugly Tone Emerges in Drive by Obama for Tax Hikes on Rich –  We should expect nothing less from someone who has grown up his entire life so indoctrinated by Marxists.


Liberals Want the Government to Help You “Manage” Your 401(k) –  Another trial balloon of a long-running plan by the Dims to either hit all privately held retirement accounts with huge taxes or confiscate them and substitute the equivalent in additional Social Security benefits.  The purpose of having private retirement accounts is to not be dependent on Social Security, and this riles Dims, who want everyone completely dependent on them for everything.  This is another reason to invest retirement accounts in tangible assets, such as real estate.  Those will be more difficult for government vultures to steal than cash and stocks.


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Posted by taxguru on February 22, 2013

Audience Cheers and Applauds When Leno Says Obama ‘Doesn’t Understand Economics –  The official media spin is that the Regime is just incompetent and accidentally screwing up the economy.  The truth is that they are intentionally doing everything possible to destroy the economy and create such a huge depression that only a bigger and more powerful centralized government can “fix” things.


New Tax Codes Causing Delays In Filing 2012 Returns –  We all knew this was destined to be a very messy Tax Season.


Companies are dropping health coverage for spouses to cut costs –  Another obvious outcome from ObamaCare.


House Democrats propose a $10 billion transportation package that would gradually raise the gasoline tax to 47.5 cents a gallon within five years –  It’s not enough to just force the price of gas up by limiting supply, the Dims need to add more taxes.  It won’t be long before 0baMao realizes his stated goal of $9.00 per gallon gasoline. 


Firms Puzzle Over Tax Riddle –  Choosing the most appropriate business entity is still very confusing for just about everyone and should never be attempted without assistance from a professional tax advisor.  (Thanks to Ohio CPA Dana Stahl for this article)


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Continuing to terrorize the economy…

Posted by taxguru on February 20, 2013

The 0baMao regime is continuing its drive to force us into a full-blown economic depression.  Anyone with even the slightest understanding of business and economics knows that higher minimum wage requirements kill jobs.  That is why the Regime is pushing for it.

 Top Fed member says minimum wage hike kills jobs


From BlogComix4(10/17/12- )


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Posted by taxguru on February 19, 2013

US business hits out at ‘Obamacare’ costs –  Again, anyone with half a brain could see this as a result of the new mandates; fewer full time employees and fewer hours for existing ones. 


Changes In Tax Structure Creating Angst Among Low, Middle Class –  As they should.  Keeping your head in the sand and assuming that tax hikes only affect the Evil Rich is naive and irresponsible.


Howard Dean to Middle Class: Taxes Go Up or Programs Get Cut –  That has been the plan all along; get everyone hooked on government benefits.  Just like drug pushers.


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Keeping tabs on your credit report

Posted by taxguru on February 17, 2013

FoxNews had this interesting segment on this morning with useful tips on how to make sure your credit reports are accurate.




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Posted by taxguru on February 14, 2013

Retail sales growth slows as higher taxes kick in – But according to Mensa reject Queen Nancy Pelosi, all of the unemployment benefits should more than make up for this.

Obama’s agenda is simple — take more of your money – The DemonRat credo.


Jack Lew Oversaw Up to 113 Cayman Island Investment Funds – This is only an evil thing when done by a Republican, such as Romney. DemonRats can do anything with impunity and freedom form criticism by the media.


Senators turn the tables on Caymans investor Jack Lew – Finally some in the GOP have the guts to point out an example of DemonRat hypocrisy. Of course, the media will ignore it and even assist in its cover-up.


People Are Leaving California for Texas in a Big Way


Austin seeing interest from California companies ‘double or triple,’ chamber says – The fewer companies staying in the PRC are going to have to carry even more of the burden of that crazy State’s taxes and regulations.


City hikes taxes on Sandy-hit houses – Governments are never expected to survive with lower tax revenues.


Steny Hoyer: We Don’t Have a “Spending” Problem; We Have a “Paying for” Problem – Perfect example of how little intelligence is required to be elected as a DemonRat.  In fact, the lower the IQ, the higher the Dim rises in the Party.


GOP’s Marco Rubio: ‘I hope the President will abandon his obsession with raising taxes’ – It looks like somebody is a bit disconnected from reality if he believes someone as steeped in Marxist and communist theology as 0baMao has been his entire life will ever entertain the idea of lower taxes. 


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Posted by taxguru on February 13, 2013

From Argus Hamilton:

Governor Rick Perry flew to California to try to woo California businesses to relocate to Texas. The arguments even out. Texans point out that they have no state income taxes, however Californians counter that we don’t have winters, and besides our prisons are so full that if you don’t pay your state income taxes, nothing will happen to you anyway.


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From Thomas Sowell

Posted by taxguru on February 12, 2013


Prophets and Losses – He discusses the incompetence of the Federal Reserve and its chairmen.

Prophets and Losses: Part II – More on the incompetence and policy failures of our supreme rulers in DC.


Some more excellent Random Thoughts from Thomas Sowell, including these:

However emotionally similar envy and resentment may seem, their consequences are often very different. Envy may spur some people to efforts to lift themselves up, while resentment is more likely to spur efforts to tear others down

In the modern welfare state, a vote becomes a license to take what others create — and these others include generations yet unborn.

Can anyone explain why, when someone dies, most of what he has saved up over a lifetime should be turned over to politicians, rather than to his heirs?

People who are forever ready to charge others with “greed” never apply that word to the government. But, if you think the government is never greedy, check out what the government does under the escheat laws and eminent domain.


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Luring Tax Refugees

Posted by taxguru on February 11, 2013

This should be like shooting fish in a barrel for Gov. Perry.

Texas Trumps Governor Moonbeam. Governor Perry goes on a recruiting tour in California.

From BlogComix4(10/17/12- )

Follow-Up:  Rick Perry declares victory in California trip


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