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Archive for February, 2013

Posted by taxguru on February 8, 2013

Krugman: Death Panels and Middle-Class Tax Hikes Ahead – A surprise to nobody except the mind-numb morons who believe anything the DemonRats say. 


Lithuania to turn Google Street View on tax cheats –  I could see something like this being done here in the USA by tax hungry rulers.


Restored Payroll Tax Pinches Those Who Earn the Least – The two percent is a lot of money for some people.


CBO Update: Obamacare Will Cost $1.3T, Account for 53% of All Federal Spending — and 7 Million People Will Lose Insurance –  Letting the government take over anything is insane.  Who else could generate huge losses when they have a legal monopoly, as they did with the Post Office?



“Fairness” and Phil Mickelson – It’s literally stomach turning when Marxists try to explain what a “Fair” tax burden is for those they consider to be evil rich.



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IRS Audit Relations…

Posted by taxguru on February 7, 2013

Drudge had this unusual story of a female IRS agent threatening a male taxpayer for sex.

“Taxing Relationship”: Man claims IRS agent coerced him into sex

This story reminds me of this clip from the TV show Nip/Tuck that I posted a few years ago.



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Tax refugees to the rescue?

Posted by taxguru on February 7, 2013

From Argus Hamilton:

French troops were cheered in Mali Friday as they entered Timbuktu after expelling al-Qaeda. The French army has regained its swagger. When France raised their top tax rate to seventy-five percent last month. all their best people joined the Foreign Legion.

An Oregon Democratic U.S. congressman proposed a bill placing a fifty-dollar-an-ounce federal tax on all marijuana sales in Oregon Tuesday. How idiotic. Once pot dealers are required to pay federal taxes, they’ll force college kids to vote Republican or pay full price.


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Posted by taxguru on February 5, 2013

Weirdest Tax Deductions, From TurboTax –  Actually not that strange.


Obama administration takes steps to implement individual mandate –  Via our friends at the IRS.


Obamacare Allows Government to Take Money from the Uninsured – From Rush


Obama Wants More Revenue – No way will he ever consider reducing spending.


Obama’s Not Through Raising Taxes: ‘No Doubt We Need Additional Revenue’


IRS: Cheapest Obamacare Plan Will Be $20,000 Per Family – So much for the promised reduction in health care premiums.


Cure For Big-Spending Obamanomics Is In Texas – If only Texas would secede from the USA and give us an attractive option to O’Bamunism.


Obama’s Big Spending Ways Will Mean More Tax Hikes – Another message from Mr. Obvious.


Obamacare Fines, Fees and Expenses Explained


The Personal Income Tax at 100 – Let’s all celebrate the fiasco that this has grown into.



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Posted by taxguru on February 4, 2013

From Argus Hamilton:

California demographers said Hispanics will pass whites as the state’s majority race by late this year. It’s absolutely chaotic. The headwinds from the number of Mexicans coming into California for amnesty are mixing with the tailwinds from the number of white people going out of California over tax hikes and creating funnel clouds over Interstate 15.

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