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Archive for January 11th, 2013

Posted by taxguru on January 11, 2013

Louisiana Governor Jindal proposes ending state income tax –  Some serious competition to Nevada for PRC tax refugees.


Millions noticing paychecks lighter today, due to payroll tax hike 


Tax Code May Be the Most Progressive Since 1979 –  And that’s not a good thing.  Progressive means it punishes the evil rich with much higher percentage tax rates than those in the lower income levels.


McConnell: Tax issue ‘finished,’ focus should turn to spending cuts –  Don’t hold your breath waiting for Dims to discuss spending reductions.


Annual Inflation Adjustments for 2013 –  IRS released tax bracket adjustments for 2013.


US tax code longer than Bible, without good news – A different type of comparison.


Four Tips for the Executor Of an Estate –  A lot of responsibility that can cause a ton of problems, as well as animosity among heirs.


Obama supporters shocked, angry at new tax increases –  They were banking on the Dims only attacking the “other guys.”

Middle-Class Backers Shocked Obama Raised Their Taxes –  Anyone stupid enough to vote for 0baMao is obviously incapable of understanding the long term consequences of that act.


Democrats look for up to $1 trillion in new tax revenues this year –  As long as it’s taken from “somebody else.”



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