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Archive for January 28th, 2013

Posted by taxguru on January 28, 2013

Total Tax-Code Termination? – The impossible task, to find a tax scheme that pleases everyone.  That’s why I have never feared a loss of work.


Google will not oppose clampdown on tax avoidance, chairman says – Another victim of bad PR over their legal tactics to save taxes.


Perry proposes amending Texas Constitution to allow state to return excess taxes –  Very unusual concept.  Almost every other politician will just find another way to spend any excess money they find.  They have no problem spending money they don’t have.


‘Wall St.’ flees NY for tax-free Fla. – The “Golden Goose” will only tolerate so much abuse by the State rulers before deciding enough is enough.


Mickelson and the Sports Star Tax Migration – From the WSJ.


From Argus Hamilton:

Tina Turner moved to Switzerland Friday as France’s richest man moved to Belgium to flee high taxes. Gerard Depardieu moved to Russia and Phil Mickelson is wavering. If there’s ever going to be life on Mars it’s going to be rich people escaping these governments.

Phil Mickelson caused an uproar in La Jolla when he said he may exit California due to the new high state income tax. It may have ruined the tournament. All weekend, golfers were missing short putts and high-fiving each other for staying out of a higher tax bracket.

John Kerry promised to divest his stock holdings that might pose a conflict of interest if he’s confirmed. He and his wife own a lot of defense industry stocks. He could be the first Secretary of State to double his net worth by intentionally screwing up peace talks.

Japan rebuked an official who said it’d save Japan a lot of money if old people would hurry up and die. Their senior citizens survived atomic bombings. People that resistant are going to be collecting government pensions until they’re a hundred and fifty years old.


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