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Archive for April, 2015

Why we will never run out of work…

Posted by taxguru on April 16, 2015

This also includes a great graphic representation of the sheer size of the Internal Revenue Code.

Look at how many pages are in the federal tax code

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Can they be any more obvious…

Posted by taxguru on April 16, 2015

…with their intentional work slowdown as a ruse to con Congress into giving them a larger budget?

IRS admits agency-wide failures, asks lawmakers for money to make it better

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Greedy Dims never learn

Posted by taxguru on April 16, 2015

California Democrats trying to raise cigarette tax

With their inability to be satisfied with only soaking nicotine addicts with 87 cents per pack of tax, the DemonRats want to tack on an additional $2.00 per pack.  The end result should be obvious to anyone who understands real world market forces, something Dim-witted politicians pretend don’t exist.  Smuggling of cigs from outside the PRC will become a booming business and the morons in Sacramento will receive zero dollars per pack.

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Best Code Ever

Posted by taxguru on April 15, 2015

Funny musical video about Tax Season from Remy via Reason TV.

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Posted by taxguru on April 15, 2015

Tax Day Reminder: IRS targeting scandal is alive and well – We shouldn’t forget the facts that nobody has been punished for their crimes, and it appears that the bHo Regime’s use of the IRS to attack and harass his critics is continuing.

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Why the tax profession will never run out of business…

Posted by taxguru on April 15, 2015

With every year bringing new free tax services and DIY software, I have to reassure other tax pros that none of those can ever replace the knowledge and expertise of us, especially when our rulers are continuing to make everything more complicated.

It’s Tax-plicated: Complexity Rising with Obamacare Burden

I hate to keep repeating myself, but this is just like the poster I created decades ago, illustrating how “Tax Simplification” laws work in the real world after having been created by the insane morons in DC.

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Obama & Biden Tax Returns

Posted by taxguru on April 11, 2015

As has been standard practice for several years, our top rulers in DC have revealed cleaned up copies of their personal income tax returns.  This year, this was done via the following blog post from the White House spokesman with the oxymoronic name, Josh Earnest.

President Obama and Vice President Biden’s 2014 Tax Returns

The direct download links for the returns:

The Bidens (33 page pdf)

The Obamas (38 page pdf)

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Discussing our screwed up tax system

Posted by taxguru on April 9, 2015

PJ Media has posted this 24 minute panel discussion on the abhorrent state of our tax system, with the very accurate title of Death By Taxes: The US Income Tax Is Government Theft.

It’s the perfect thing to watch as the infamous Tax Day approaches in this country.


As always, the media are flooded with last minute tax tips. Here’s the best tip if your tax returns aren’t already finished.  Work with a professional tax practitioner and file an extension (Form 4868) that will give you six more months to properly prepare and file your tax returns.  Trying to rush things together at the last minute is a recipe for disaster, often with mistakes that can’t be undone later on.

TaxCoach Software: Are you giving your clients what they really want?

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Moving Van Tax Savings…

Posted by taxguru on April 8, 2015

The kind of story that gives me some hope that not everyone agrees to just bend over, grab their ankles and let the States continue to fiscally rape them.

Report: People Fleeing High-Tax States for Low-Tax Alternatives

You can download the actual 58 page pdf of the full report mentioned in the above article here, Rich States, Poor States.”


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Last Minute Tax Season Warnings

Posted by taxguru on April 5, 2015

IRS deadline extended for ObamaCare customers sent the wrong tax form – As I explained earlier, IRS is encouraging people who may have incorrect ObamaCare info to file for an extension (Form 4868) until October 15.  Hopefully, the correct data will be available by then.

Scammers Are Working OverTIme:

If A Caller Says, ‘I Am With The IRS,’ He’s Not – From NPR

Don’t be Fooled, Phone Scams Continue to Be Serious Threat Nationwide – From IRS.


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