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Posted by taxguru on October 6, 2003

Guess who’s to blame for state budget problems?

Class warriors are playing politics with poverty numbers – What else is new?

The whole notion of poverty is extremely subjective.

– A repeated posting; but now with links to the actual studies.

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Posted by taxguru on October 6, 2003

New governor can’t just toss car-tax hike – Typical double standard by our rulers. It’s insanely easy to raise taxes, while almost impossible to lower them.

The Real Patriot Act – This moron wants to instigate a dollar per gallon of gas “Patriot Tax” as a way of supposedly making OPEC pay for the rebuilding of Iraq. That is so stupid it barely deserves a response. Consumers pay the taxes; not the producers. Donald Luskin also considers such a proposal to be lunacy bordering on incompetency.

Targeted tax cash is spent elsewhere. Governments often dip into special funds despite ballot pitches. – Tax hikes are always sold as being “for the children” yet end up being used for all the same standard boondoggles. It’s too bad our rulers are never held accountable for violating their stated uses for new tax revenues.

Employers expected to fight new worker health insurance law – Gray-Out Doofus is determined to do as much damage as possible to the PRC in his final days in office. Sticking employers with an additional expense of $14.2 billion is a classic parting gift from the soon to be ex governor. If you didn’t know that he’s just an incompetent boob, you could make a good case for his being on the payroll of other states looking to lure in employers.

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