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Same Old Class War Game Plan

Posted by taxguru on October 14, 2003

Gephardt’s high-tax agenda

Democrats disagree over handling taxes – The only disagreement is over how high to raise them.

Lieberman proposes raising taxes on wealthy

Soak the rich is Lieberman’s new tax tack

Citing Fairness, Lieberman Proposes Tax-Rate Changes – He sure has a twisted interpretation of what is fair. It’s not enough that the top 50% of wage earners pay 96.03% of all income taxes. He wants to make the evil rich pay even more. What is the donkey equivalent of mad cow disease to explain how someone could think such reasoning makes any sense whatsoever ?

Lieberman’s Wallet Politics

Lieberman Proposes Tax Hikes on Wealthy

The DemonRats, who are obviously too wimpy and chicken livered to ever be entrusted with the physical security of this country, are also not even close to being mature enough to be in control of our economic security. The old soak the evil rich class warfare has come out in full force from the presidential wannabes. Little Dick Gephardt has always been openly socialist with his standard mantra that anyone who has anything did so by “winning life’s lottery.” However, when the person widely considered to be the most conservative of the JackAss Party takes to calling for even more persecution of the rich (defined as anyone having any more than anyone else), you know it’s time for them to retire the good old donkey as their mascot and just use the hammer and sickle that formerly symbolized the USSR.

The Double Benefit of Tax Cuts. They restrain government growth and promote investment. – Which is why the DemonRats oppose any cuts and are working overtime to rescind the ones that were recently enacted.

Isn’t It Rich, Being Rich? – Excellent reply to the class warfare talk by Neil Cavuto.

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Posted by taxguru on October 14, 2003

My new computer is slowly growing in capability as I install and transfer many of the hundreds of programs I use from my crippled computer. With FrontPage finally working for me, I am once again able to work on my main website.

I posted an article I wrote a month ago on how to handle loan origination costs on tax returns.

I’ve also strengthened the warning not to send us anything via Airborne Express. That company does not deliver to our area.

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