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Posted by taxguru on October 25, 2003

Keep your own wits about you when investing.

Medicare Using Blimp in Ad Campaign

Uncle Sam Spends $32 Million to Promote New Currency – It’s always struck me as odd when monopolies waste money advertising their products and services (i.e. utiltities, Post Office, etc). It’s not as if there are other types of currency we could be using than the bills produced by our government. They have a term for alternatives – counterfeiting.

Taxes and hard work – A familiar theme that bears repeating as often as possible, to counteract the lies told by the Left. Lower tax rates motivate people to work more and higher rates make them work less.

Why The National Debt Matters To You

Americans Stake Claims in a Baja Land Rush – There’s nothing wrong with this, especially as the PRC is swallowed up by Mexico. One thing to remember – property in Mexico (or any other country) is not considered to be suitable like-kind as an eligible replacement for USA real estate under Section 1031. This means that investors who want to sell off USA real estate and reinvest into Mexican property will have an additional expense; the capital gains taxes that could be avoided by replacing with USA property.

Abusive shelters targeted by IRS

Calendar Showcases Accountants’ Inner Wild Child – You can see more about this calendar from the Louisiana Society of CPAs on their website.

States Try to Poach California Businesses – That shouldn’t be very difficult. The whole recall circus was a huge commercial for Anywhere But California to operate a business.

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