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Posted by taxguru on October 9, 2003

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A Wake-Up Call To Our Rulers

Posted by taxguru on October 9, 2003

It was great to see Gray-Out Doofus kicked out of office and Arnold survive the smear campaign. I’m hoping this is a long overdue slap in the face for arrogant career politicians who take their omnipotent powers to run our lives for granted. The clip on Fox News yesterday of Nancy Pelosi moaning about how terrible it is that elected officials should have to worry about what their constituents think is a perfect example of the royal mentality of the ruling elite.

The recall campaign was very entertaining and just the right length, unlike the current two-year long run for the presidency. The blatant hypocrisy of the DemonRats when it comes to inappropriate touching of women, in the light of what Bill Clinton has been allowed to get away with, has been something like an old Saturday Night Live sketch.

Obviously, the U.S Constitution prevents Arnold from ever becoming President. I don’t see any need to amend the Constitution to change that rule. We have well over 300 million people in this country. To claim that any one person is the only one capable of serving as president is ridiculous. The only reason we would need to amend the rule to allow foreign born persons to occupy the White House would be if every US born person over 35 were to all of a sudden drop dead and we had nobody to fill that office. There are plenty of high offices that foreign born people can hold if they want.

My guess is that Arnold will be like some other actors (i.e. Fred Thompson of Tennessee) and serve a few terms in public office and then go back to show biz. That’s actually what our founding fathers wanted for our elected officials; a high turnover of people from all professions who serve for a little while and then go back to normal lives, letting others have a chance. The monopolization of power by career politicians like Gray Davis and Bill Clinton has led to the problems we now have with the over-reaching government control of our lives.

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