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Posted by taxguru on October 29, 2003

Is this like that saying, “if you love something, set it free?”

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Posted by taxguru on October 29, 2003

Bill would drop excise charge on clunkers – Interesting potential tax break for Massachusetts owners of vehicles worth less than $5,000.

Property taxes leap in Mass. as state aid falls

Fake $20s Showing Up In Massachusetts – So much for the theory that the new colored note would discourage counterfeiters.

Tax plan may beget Net effect. Congress ponders ways to collect online sales levy

Tax Laws Protect Illegal Workers – IRS and our rulers in DC care more about the tax money from illegals than in enforcing immigration laws. Terror cells with illegal aliens are free to operate around the country as long as they keep sending their payroll taxes to IRS. There’s definitely something wrong with that picture.

Battle Brews Over Expiration of Internet Tax Moratorium – Mark Belling, substituting for Rush Limbaugh today, spent an impressive amount of time discussing what a nightmare it will be if the ban on Internet taxation isn’t renewed in a few days. He mentioned how the long running urban myth of a five cents per email tax could very easily become a reality if our rulers in DC don’t get with it and make the ban permanent.

Some machines turn up noses at new $20 bill

The DemonRats’ tax cut gamble

Oakland cell phone users may get tax hike – Maybe those people should change their ring tones to George Harrison’s “TaxMan” song so they can be reminded that they will be paying an extra 7.5% to Jerry Brown’s city government on each call.

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