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Posted by taxguru on October 19, 2003

A tax revolt hits Buckeye State Republicans – This is a free non-subscriber link to the Wall Street Journal article I linked to earlier.

The Tax-Cut Expansion – This is why the DemonRats were so forcefully opposed to the cuts. Their only hope of success in the November 2004 elections is to continue their sabotaging of the economy. They love and do everything they can to perpetuate misery wherever possible.

Social Security to Increase Benefits – Recipients will be getting 2.1 percent more next year. As a continuation of the Ponzi M.O., the official eligibility age for starting to draw benefits will increase by two months, to 65 + 4 months of age.

Let 50 Recalls Bloom – Let’s see how the PRC’s plays out in terms of actual results before jumping to the conclusion that using recalls is more effective than just running good candidates during the normally scheduled elections.

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