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Posted by taxguru on January 24, 2013


Mickelson and Woods Can Reclaim Their Patriotism by Backing Gay Marriage – Rush Limbaugh explains why Phil Mickelson had to retract his public complaints about high tax rates.  To be a good loyal citizen, everyone is expected to bend over and take as much fiscal raping as our rulers feel is good for them.  To complain is now considered an unpatriotic act.



The Progressive Income Tax and the Ruling Class – Rush explains how the Marxist high tax rates on successful people is used to prevent accumulation of privately held wealth.




Democrats: We’re Not Done Raising Taxes – It’s in their DNA to always increase taxes and to lie about it.



Jindal’s Bold Tax Reform – He’s still trying to drop income taxes from Louisiana.


From Argus Hamilton:

Phil Mickelson said Monday he may relocate his family to escape the higher federal taxes on the rich. It’s bad. The PGA stars have asked tournaments to stop putting their real names on the leader board because they don’t want to give the IRS their coordinates.



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