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Posted by taxguru on January 26, 2013

From Argus Hamilton:

The Los Angeles Dodgers signed a record TV deal with Time Warner Cable this week worth eight billion dollars. The payroll is through the roof. The players are making so much money they are asking to be traded to Florida or Texas where the taxes are lower.


Social Security’s disability trust fund could fail to cover all benefits early as 2016 – And we should trust the same bozos in DC to be in charge of every aspect of our lives.


Phony drama over phony deal to resolve phony crisis – From Jack Kelly


The Sports Media Jihad Against Mickelson – Rush has more on the persecution of a pro athlete for the sin of complaining about his high taxes.


The truth behind Mickelson’s taxes – This CNN reporter actually knows more about Mickelson’s actual tax burden than he knows himself.  Isn’t CNN wonderful?


France’s richest man moves to Belgium and takes multi-billion pound fortune with him ‘to avoid new socialist super-tax’ – Are our retarded rulers in DC able to learn from the mistakes other countries make?  Why would they start now?



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