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Archive for June 19th, 2014

Do coverups get any more obvious?

Posted by taxguru on June 19, 2014

IRS: Lerner’s Hard Drive On Malaysia Flight 370 – Parody or true?  Maybe this will motivate CNN to cover the IRS crimes.


 photo AlligatorEatsEmail2WebCR6_19_14_zps193f3725.jpg

It’s long been acknowledged that Richard Nixon’s undoing wasn’t the Watergate break-in, but the coverup after the fact.  Of course, rules of justice are different for members of the two main political parties, so it’s “no harm, no foul” when DemonRats are involved in elaborate cover-ups and their accomplices in the media explicitly help with the covering up.

I’m sure I’m not alone in speculating how things would go if the tables were turned and a taxpayer used these excuses during an IRS audit.  The case would quickly be referred to the IRS’s Criminal Investigation Division, where the penalties are not just financial, but include prison time.  Of course, since double standards prevail with our government overlords, nothing will happen to the growing number of IRS employees involved in this current cover-up.


GOP fury after report claims IRS ‘recycled’ Lerner hard drive  


IRS Source: Lerner’s Hard Drive Likely Destroyed


Darrell Issa: Records Like Lois Lerner’s Emails ‘Don’t Just Disappear… Unless That Was the Intention’


Sources: Lois Lerner’s emails likely gone forever


Obama’s IRS Sent the FBI 1.1 Million Pages of Taxpayer Documents: An Update


White House: No emails between White House, Lerner – Nobody believes that to be the case.  It looks more and more like the theory is true that BHO is trying to goad the GOP into impeaching him by doing crazier and wilder illegal things.  I doubt if the GOP would even have the balls to impeach BHO if he decides to ignore the 22nd  Amendment and run for a third term. 


The Regime Claims It “Recycled” Lois Lerner’s E-Mails


Wall Street Journal: IRS scandal ‘worse than Watergate’ –  Only to those of us who live in the real world on Planet Earth.  Not to those who inhabit the alternative universe of Washington DC.


 Pelosi: ‘They Need a New Technology System at the IRS’ – Botox Queen Nancy tries to laugh off the IRS coverups.


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