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Archive for June 22nd, 2014

IRS Execs snub their nose at us…

Posted by taxguru on June 22, 2014

They don’t have to obey the laws if they are advancing the BHO agenda.


Fireworks at IRS Hearing on Capitol Hill – From Rush Limbaugh


IRS head won’t apologize for lost Lerner e-mails –  How dare anyone accuse IRS of wrong-doing, even with mountains of evidence for everyone to see. 


IRS says Lerner emails lost forever, but agency had contract with file-storage company Sonasoft  


Paul Ryan’s Finest Hour – Great video of Congressman Ryan ripping the current lying crooked IRS Commissioner for his part in the cover-up of their crimes. It’s really hard to trust the IRS with bozos like this at the top. 


   photo 062014_zps81441604.jpg


The Lost IRS E-mails Exist! – A lot of IT experts claim that the emails could be retrieved. Unfortunately, that would require some cooperation from IRS execs who are too busy covering their own asses to do anything helpful. 


Audience GASPS As IRS Commissioner Admits Missing Lois Lerner Hard Drive Was Trashed (Video) – Impressive that he was able to keep a straight face while telling this whopper, although it seems a little smirky to me. 


‘I don’t believe you!’: Paul Ryan levels blistering attack against IRS boss over ‘lost’ emails explanation – Saying what most of the country is thinking. 


Darrell Issa calls White House attorney on IRS email loss


Is It Time for a Special Prosecutor? – It’s been “Time” for a long while. 


   photo 2014-06-23-JKKLB_zps8e5ac666.jpg


IRS commish: No apologies for losing Lerner emails – And anyone who insists on one will be audited.  


IRS CANCELLED Contract with Email-Storage Firm Weeks After Lerner’s Computer Crash – How convenient for Lois and her fellow IRS criminals.  


More smoke at the IRS — and not only from the hard drives – Tons of smoke, but no fire according to the BHO Regime, who consider the American people to be extraordinarily gullible.


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