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Archive for June 18th, 2014

My Dog Ate the IRS Emails

Posted by taxguru on June 18, 2014

It’s going to take a while for IRS to recoup any credibility after these ridiculous attempts to cover-up their crimes.  It’s actually getting very difficult to distinguish between the real news related to this story and the inevitable parodies.


Jodie Miller has a theory about the IRS emails in Tuesday’s NewsBusted.


 photo Dog-ate-590-LI_zpsd2ece63a.jpg



IRS Has Lost More E-mails… – From six more of Lois Lerner’s co-conspirators.



Why Darrell Issa just asked the IRS to hand over a hard drive


Official IRS Comments On Lois Lerner Emails:  (not parody)

    IRS Press Release   

   Detailed letter to US Senate (9 page pdf)


The Real Story of the IRS Scandal – From Jonah Goldberg


IRS Was Required By Law to Print Out Lois Lerner’s Emails – Another “do as I say…” example.


Lois Lerner Reported Missing – Parody



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More “Do as I Say, Not as I Do” from DemonRats

Posted by taxguru on June 18, 2014

To be a good faithful liberal member of the JackAss Party, it has long been a requirement to be very comfortable with massive amounts of hypocrisy and with stretching the truth (aka Lying).  The Clinton Family has never had any problems with either of these requirements and are masters at both, as in this interesting piece from Bloomberg about tax savings steps the Clintons use privately, while publicly calling for high confiscatory taxes on everyone else.   

 Wealthy Clintons Use Trusts to Limit Estate Tax They Back


Not long ago, Bill Clinton was giving speeches, bragging about all of the money he was making and how great it was that he was in the highest tax bracket.

 Bill Clinton: ‘I Thank God Every April 15′ That I Can Pay Highest Aggregate Tax


 photo BillCLintonRich_zps15b4fac3.jpg



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