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Archive for June 26th, 2014

Dims divided on IRS scandal

Posted by taxguru on June 26, 2014

It appears that some Dims have reached their breaking point in regard to trying to defend the IRS’s actions, while others are still holding the Party line and rationalizing anything their Party does as acceptable, whether it’s technically legal or not. 

A little historical refresher is appropriate right about now. Even though the Dims were threatening him with impeachment over the Watergate coverup, it wasn’t until some Republicans told Richard Nixon that they could no longer cover his ass, that he decided to resign.  Unfortunately, I don’t see a similar action taking place with the current crop of DemonRats.  


Clinton Adviser Lanny Davis: Time for Independent Counsel to Investigate IRS Scandal  


Dems Fawn Over IRS Commissioner Who Contributed Over $85,000 to Their Committees, Candidates – As I’ve long said, one of the best investments, from a purely percentage return basis, is campaign donations (aka bribes or payoffs). Thousands donated can result in millions back in benefits.  It’s definitely paid off quite well for the current IRS Commissioner, who has been given a very powerful job and immunity from prosecution for his crimes.    


Chuck Todd on IRS Scandal: ‘Are There Any Actual Real Victims?’ – A classic example of a diehard DemonRat who blindly defends anything and everything his Party does.   


  Lerner sought IRS audit of sitting GOP senator, emails show – I know if I were that Senator, I’d sure try to see that the bwitch does some prison time.   


Jon Stewart: IRS, federal government behavior ‘borders on criminal idiocy – One Dim TV comic making fun of the IRS. The rest of them are staying quiet on the subject.    


Issa Expands Investigation – Subpoenas 28 Years of Lois Lerner Emails – We can all see where this story leads.  All of her decades of emails will have mysteriously disappeared without a trace.  What does Issa think Lois and her accomplices have been doing these past few months?  They’ve been busy scrubbing any trace of her incriminating documents from the universe. 


‘Suspicious’: Experts, GOP lawmakers question Lerner’s lost email explanation – Anyone with half a brain knows IRS is lying about losing the emails.



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