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Posted by taxguru on March 1, 2013

Broke U.S. Government Eying Your Retirement Savings


Paris seeks alternative to 75% tax –  I doubt that dropping the top rate to 66% will be enough of an incentive for tax refugees to return.



’70s Flashback: Democrats Tried Same Scare Tactics on Prop. 13 in California –  I can still remember all of the end of the world hysteria in 1978 over Prop 13. 


Maxine Waters: Sequester Could Cause ‘170 Million Jobs’ to Be Lost –  Another example of the wizards leading the DemonRat Party in DC.  They have many more than the normal quota of mentally handicapped persons in power.


Americans see biggest monthly income drop in 20 years –  Continued success by the DemonRat Regime to reduce privately held wealth. 


It’s official: Gas tax going up –  Taxes in the PRC continue to climb.


Cigarette tax jumps up $1 a pack in Chicago –  Money addicted politicians can’t go wrong by exploiting the addiction of nicotine fiends.  How long will it be before the volume of smuggled cigarettes rises? 

IRS Furloughs to Begin After Tax Season –  Too soon to know if this is good news or bad. 

Obama’s Sequester Math: $300 Billion In New Revenues Called ‘Spending Cuts’ –  DC math has long been from another planet than the one we live on.


Democrats complain about presence of debt clock on Capitol Hill –  They don’t want any reminders of the fact that they are continuing on a reckless spending spree with money that we don’t have.  Out of sight, out of mind.


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