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Archive for March 20th, 2013

Posted by taxguru on March 20, 2013

Bill Maher threatens to leave California — due to high taxes –  But he had no problem donating a million dollars to high tax loving ObaMao.  Standard hypocrisy for the DemonRats.


Workers Saving Too Little to Retire –  from the WSJ


California businesses fuming over retroactive $120M tax grab –  Expecting Jerry Brown to rule in the favor of businesses on this matter is insane.


ObamaCare Tax Increases Are Double Original Estimate –  That’s how it always works,  Our rulers intentionally understate the costs of legislation, knowing that it will be too late to do anything about it when reality hits.  They are never punished for these kinds of lies.


Stressed Tax Preparers Find Relief in Mardi Gras, Massages


Lawmakers eye new taxes on guns, ammo in latest wave of legislation  –  They consider it a punishable sin to want to protect ourselves.


Too much talk of taxing –  And not enough about spending cuts.


Obama and Bernanke Already Pulled a Cyprus – The new 3.8% Medicare tax on investment income.


Social Security truths — as hard as they may be to stomach – Some facts about the Washington DC run Ponzi Scheme that we are all forced to participate in.


Medicare: A dangerously good deal – Another Washington DC fiasco that we are all forced to be part of.


Income tax 101 – A brief summary of the income tax system in this country.


We’re upside down and debt crash is coming – Thanks to 0baMao and his fellow DemonRats, as well as the unwillingness of the GOP to do anything to stop it.



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Posted by taxguru on March 20, 2013

From last night’s talk shows, via NewsMax:


A 28-year-old woman from Serbia has a rare brain condition where she sees everything upside down. The good news? She’s now been given a job at the White House as President Obama’s economic adviser.

The U.S. Senate is now fighting to keep open the Senate barber shop. It loses $350,000 a year. Do you know what that makes it? The most successful government program ever. It’s losing only $350,000 a year.

The island nation of Cyprus is now considering a 10 percent tax on every individual savings account in that country. They’ll take 10 percent of your money right out of the bank. To which President Obama said: “You can do that?”



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