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Archive for March 7th, 2013

Posted by taxguru on March 7, 2013

From the email Thought of the Day on March 5:

“Higher taxes never reduce the deficit. Governments spend whatever they take in and then whatever they can get away with.” – Milton Friedman


From Argus Hamilton:

 Hugo Chavez was lionized by the left Tuesday although his country is suffering from unemployment, high taxes, and fleeing industries. His Hollywood admirers enjoy one major consolation. Hugo Chavez’s legacy will forever live on in the California state tax code.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco signed a huge deal that added a thirty million dollar signing bonus Monday. Negotiations stalled for months and now he has to pay the higher tax rate on the rich. During the press conference he thanked his agent, Nancy Pelosi.


Government-by-fake-disaster-movie –  Hilarious review of the idiotic and insane Federal budget scams by Mark Steyn.



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