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Posted by taxguru on May 1, 2013

From Jay Leno:

President Obama held a press conference today. He said he still wants to close the Guantanamo Bay prison facility, but he doesn’t know how to do it. He should do what he always does. Declare it a small business and tax it out of existence.

From Argus Hamilton:

The GAO issued a report Monday saying President Obama spent twice as much time playing golf and vacationing as he did attending meetings on the economy. There’s been some improvement. The economy is stalled but the president is regularly breaking eighty.


The Federal Reserve Bank in Washington D.C. introduced the new one-hundred-dollar bill Thursday complete with Ben Franklin’s portrait on it plus dozens of new security features. It was time to bring out a new one-hundred-dollar bill. China’s got all the old ones.


California lawmakers will vote on a penny-an-ounce tax on sodas and energy drinks to combat obesity. It’s egalitarian. They said one-fourth of California’s poor adults are obese and the money would provide them cocaine to stay slim the way rich Californians do.



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