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Archive for May 12th, 2013

The Less Damaging Scandal

Posted by taxguru on May 12, 2013

The scandal regarding the IRS attacks on ObaMao enemies appears to be getting more widespread coverage, including from some left wing news outlets, as a diversion from the more explosive Benghazi fiasco.  The left wing media are still covering up the Libya mess in order to protect Hitlery’s chances for the 2016 election.  As bad as using IRS to attack political opponents may be, it does pale compared to Hitlery’s complicity in the murder of four Americans.

Even with all of these “disclosures” of IRS abuse, I doubt we will see any substantive changes in how IRS operates in regard to insulating them from political influence.  With IRS’s new and expanded powers under ObamaCare, its use as a political weapon will only increase as well.

House committee outlines questions for IRS at planned hearing on targeting Tea Party –  FoxNews

The Taxman vs. the Tea Party –  NY Times

ABC’s Terry Moran On IRS Targeting Tea Party: ‘A Truly Nixonian Abuse Of Power By The Obama Administration…’ –  Mediaite

Report: Top IRS officials knew in 2011 that conservative groups were targeted –  Wash. Post

IRS Mess –  Time

Rogers: IRS targeting Tea Party and other political groups ‘intimidation’ –  FoxNews

Carney hit by 46 questions on Benghazi, IRS scandals –  FoxNews



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