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Posted by taxguru on May 24, 2013

From Leno:

White House officials insist that President Obama knew nothing about the IRS scandal until we all heard about it in the news last week. They said because there was an investigation under way, it would have been inappropriate to tell him. And besides, he was too busy not knowing anything about Benghazi.


It is not looking good for President Obama. Today, his teleprompter took the fifth. In fact, the White House has changed their slogan from, “Yes, we can” to “No, I can’t remember.”


The latest scandal in Washington, of course, is raising questions about the IRS. You know, I have a question. Why is it called the Internal Revenue Service? How is having your money confiscated a service?


A Democratic congressman said that he worries that the IRS scandal might have a chilling effect on the IRS and that they might be afraid to audit people. So finally some good is coming out of all of this.


From Argus Hamilton:

President Obama’s job approval ratings held steady Monday in CNN’s latest poll. The numbers split exactly along party lines. Fifty-three percent of Americans approve of the job Obama is doing as president while the other forty-seven percent are being audited.


The House Oversight Committee announced Wednesday it will recall IRS official Lois Lerner to testify again after she pleaded the fifth. This’ll be good. She knows exactly how many of the Members listed the cost of their mistresses on their tax returns under Snacks.


President Obama said he didn’t hear about the IRS scandal until it came on the news Friday. He said he didn’t hear about the Justice Department scandal, and he didn’t hear about the Benghazi cover-up. Every seventeen years, those ciccadas drown out everything.


IRS official Lois Lerner invoked her Fifth Amendment rights and refused to testify to Congress about targeting conservatives. How embarrassing. Lerner is so mortified over having to cite the U.S. Constitution she ordered herself audited for being a right-wing group.


Lindsay Lohan was reported Sunday making excellent progress at Betty Ford’s. The IRS audited Lindsay and seized all her bank accounts last year. No one knew until now that the Cocaine Party has been designated a conservative group and targeted for scrutiny.


President Obama said Friday he never knew that the IRS was targeting conservative groups last year. He said that he found out about the IRS misconduct last week from watching TV. Nothing aggravates ESPN viewers like real news coming across on the crawl.


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