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Archive for July 9th, 2013

Can IRS be properly controled?

Posted by taxguru on July 9, 2013

Nominee for Tanzania ambassador helped plan disclosure of IRS scandal –  It’s long been common practice to award ambassadorships as rewards for favors or for large campaign donations (aka Bribes).


Sen. Grassley challenges IRS over claim $70M in bonuses was mandatory –  It all depends on the definition of “mandatory.”


IRS chief moves to cancel $70M in bonuses –  Wouldn’t it be a crying shame if the IRS employee union would use this as an excuse for all IRS personnel to go out on strike until their bonuses are restored.


Group: IRS mistakenly posted thousands of Social Security numbers on website –  Of course, this was purely accidental.


I.R.S. Scrutiny Went Beyond the Political –  NY Slimes tries to muddy the waters surrounding IRS abuses.


Lookout List’ Not Much Broader Than Originally Thought, Contrary to Reports –  Debunking the Dims’ scam story that left wing groups were subjected to the same scrutiny as the patriotic ones were.


IRS Agents ‘Accidentally’ Discharged Guns 11 Times, Possible Injuries – Something to look out for, as more IRS agents are issued more weapons.


Union-tied group slips IRS scrutiny –  No surprise here.  BHO has never hid the fact that he considers himself to be in the pocket of unions.


Proposed bill would fire federal employees who refuse to testify –  Another reason for a union led strike.  How dare any government employee be deprived of the same right to tell lies as those in the White House have always had.  To be practical, how many employees would be left if all of the liars are dismissed?


The IRS’s Best Friend in Congress –  That Mensa reject Elijah Cummings does his best to cover up IRS sins, even using the Race Card to accomplish that.


Watchdog recommends ‘apology payments’ for IRS victims, says agency fought oversight –  Don’t anyone plan on ever receiving any such payments.  It’s going to be impossible to get any of the IRS criminals actually fired for their crimes, much less any other admission of guilt, such as a payment of money.


Second IRS staffer pleads the Fifth –  More on the doofus in this video.


IRS supporters 0-for-3 on putting scandal to rest –  They, along with the MSM, will continue to try their best at downplaying the IRS crimes.


Congressman: IRS Scandal Will Widen to Leaks –  Let’s hope so.


House Republicans push to slash IRS budget by 24 percent, cite abuses and sequestration – Another case of I’ll believe this when I see it. 


Eric Cantor plans anti-IRS push – I’m sure he’s already used to having all of his tax returns audited and understands the consequences of messing with the IRS Hornets’ Nest.


Yoo-hoo! IRS! Hire me! – Celia Rivenbank wants some of the money IRS spends on its conferences.


Exit the IRS Stage Left – Looking at some of the IRS criminals and those who have used them to harass their enemies. 


The Cincinnati lie – Trying to pretend nobody else (ie in DC) knew about IRS abuses of Tea Parties.


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