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Archive for July 25th, 2013

Taxation with Secret Representation

Posted by taxguru on July 25, 2013

Reading this news item from CCH made my stomach turn.

Baucus, Hatch Promise Lawmakers 50 Years Secrecy for Tax Comments

Since our elected officials are supposed to be our public servants, we should know everything they do so we can make reasoned decisions as to whether or not we want to keep them in office or vote in someone else. 

When their votes and other official actions are sealed up from public view for 50 years, this is nothing short of chicken-shit and just another step in their devolution of the Constitution to become an elite and unaccountable Royal class in this country.

Any comments on tax policy made by our elected rulers must be in the immediate public record and they should be made to defend them now.  Any ruler supporting this 50 year shield should be voted out of office, if not impeached for violating their oath of office.  That goes for GOP and Dims.


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