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Archive for July 22nd, 2013

Posted by taxguru on July 22, 2013

From Argus Hamilton:

House of Cards with Kevin Spacey scored many Emmy nominations Friday. It reveals the world of politics as a life of lying, manipulation, double crossing and blackmail and access granted in return for sexual favors and cash. There is also a negative side to politics.


IRS employees testified in Congress that a White House political appointee ordered them to target conservatives They loathe conservatives. Osama bin Laden’s second biggest mistake was letting Democrats catch him in satellite photos wearing a cowboy hat.


From Fred Thompson:

President Obama said he wants to use Google’s model to create “a smarter government”. Nah, he should try the Twitter model: no new laws over 140 characters long.


Scientists have developed a revolutionary new blood test that can tell you how long you will live. Big deal. Obama already developed a panel that will do the same thing.


All 45 Senate Republicans are calling for the implementation of Obamacare to be permanently delayed. President Obama disagreed, pushing for a permanent delay in economic recovery, instead.


Despite President Obama’s announcement to the contrary, Nancy Pelosi said “the employer mandate was not delayed”. Apparently Obama hasn’t given her a bill to pass so she can find out for sure.


After a year, the State Department has yet to fully comply with requests under the Freedom of Information Act to list Hillary Clinton’s travel expenses. Well, at least you can be sure Benghazi visits didn’t cost a dime.


After declaring bankruptcy a few months ago, Hostess announced that Twinkies will soon be returning to store shelves, but now they’ll be 10% smaller. Ah… the perfect metaphor for Obama’s “recovery”.


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