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Archive for July 15th, 2013

Posted by taxguru on July 15, 2013

From Jay Leno:

Now that marijuana is legal in the state of Colorado, in Denver they’re talking about taxing it up to 35 percent. Suddenly those drug cartels don’t seem so greedy anymore, do they?


The U.S. government had a $116.5 billion surplus in June. Officials say they are now conducting an investigation to see what went wrong.

A new poll shows that 26% of Obama voters think that Tea Partiers are more dangerous than radical Muslims. So… how many people have been killed by exploding Constitutions? 
Now open to the public: China’s “New Century Global Center”, which is described as the “largest freestanding building in the world”. Oddly, it’s not a storage warehouse for US Treasury Bonds. 
 President Obama has delayed implementation of Obamacare for businesses until 2015. Yes, much easier to implement when there are fewer businesses left to implement it. 
In Tanzania, First Lady Michelle Obama said that living in the White House is like being in a “really nice prison”. Yeah, if the inmates had an unlimited budget. 
The White House has ordered that Greek yogurt be added to school lunch menus. For the rest of the nation, Obama has ordered a Greek economy.
In an embarrassing incident, the IRS accidentally exposed thousands of Social Security numbers on its web site. And once they run Obamacare, it’ll be your colonoscopy video.
A new report says that Osama bin Laden wore a cowboy hat to avoid detection from US drones. Obviously they don’t work as well against IRS audits.


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