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Archive for July 26th, 2013

Posted by taxguru on July 26, 2013


From Argus Hamilton:

Democrats love the Royal Family because they display the life that’s possible when you live off the government and keep having kids.


Senate Republicans weighed a plan Tuesday to refuse any funding for implementing ObamaCare when it becomes law this fall. You can’t make it up. ObamaCare turned out to be so costly and so unenforceable it’s got Americans open to the idea of DarwinCare.


Alex Rodriguez faced a possible lifetime suspension from baseball Thursday despite his convincing denials of recent steroid use. It points to a clinical study that says people get better at lying the more they lie. It really shows the need for term limits in Washington.


The U.S. Senate passed a bill allowing college students to get student loans at existing market rates. The tuition costs are insane today. They’re necessary to fund half-million dollar salaries for professors, otherwise who do we have to teach kids that wealth is evil?


From Jay Leno:

According to a new study, lying gets easier over time. People get better at lying the more they do it. See, that’s why you have to have term limits.

From Conan:
The royal baby is set to inherit $1 billion. In fact, he’s so rich that he’s already dating a girl half his age.

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Clint’s Detroit Update

Posted by taxguru on July 26, 2013

This update to the accidentally pro-Obama ad Clint Eastwood did last year is great.  It comes from this episode of Mash Gordon.




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